Genius Progetti Organizes Exclusive Corporate Event in London

by | Jul 11, 2018

This corporate event, held over two evenings, welcome 500 top clients to a private car preview, the first introducing the model to the UK Market.


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Corporate Client Event


London, UK


The idea was to re-create the atmosphere of an exclusive club setting that was replicable in each major city, this club atmosphere was envisioned as a “Great Gatsby” environment with a mood that conveyed the 1920’s in a modern and current vibe.

At the “THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB” guests were transported to what could be New York in the 1920s of another dimension, with soft diffuse lighting, an elegant but serious surrounding filled with prestigious elements in privileged locations. Discover the full concept here.



This two day private car launch was held at the contemporary Olympia London, a converted industrial warehouse space that we completely transformed to welcome over 500 top-tier clients.

In an edgy and modern location guests entered passed through a door that welcomed them to a completely different atmosphere, “The Exclusive Club”. Guests enjoyed the exquisite Italian buffet, cognac tasting and evening entertainment throughout the night.

See the full event here:

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