Italian Event Management for an International Clientele

by | Jul 17, 2018

Know-how is what all clients are looking for when they outsource an event to an agency.  More than our know-how, Genius Progetti is able to offer that Italian hospitality that is internationally famous.  The ability to ensure that guests feel welcomed and are well cared for.  Discover our partnership with Porcelaingres for their German factory tour and corporate dinners.




Corporate Dinners and

Event Management


Berlin, Germany


June, 2018

full Event Management and collaboration

Amazing things can happen out of collaborations. Ideas flow, new concepts are presented and best of all, each partner brings their own exceptional qualities to the table.
Collaboration is exactly what was used for this Porcelaingres event, which was cited as “one of the best factory tours ever” from a long-standing client.

International clientele from all over the world attended this new product launch featuring a full factory tour, product demonstrations, collateral activities, and full hospitality package including gourmet corporate dinners and cocktails.

The event was structured in such a way that Porceliangres had ownership of the over-all concept and preliminary client management and Genius Progetti was relied on for concept support including graphics, factory set-up, management and organization of client dinners and client management and logistics during the three-day event.

Client Transportation

With 350 guests arriving internationally, shuttle service was a key element in the VIP treatment guests received over the 3-day event

VIP Dinners

Genius Progetti prides itself on creative and elegant corporate client dinner organization.

The 350 guests including architects, industrial designers, edil companies as well as re-sellers, eecutive and sales staff and key contacts were treated to two dinners, including a privitized dinner cruise.

Communications and Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic and creative department took care of all aspects of communication and marketing materials in 5 languages.

On-site Client Management

Hostess service, client registration, welcom desk and info points were all managed by Genius Progetti throughout the event.

Team Management

Team Management is what we’re good at! We bring a multitude of tried and tested suppliers to our  client to create the best event possible.

a memorable experience

time to relax after a full day

business + pleasure

boat cruise followed by exclusive after-party

delicious Italian catering

350 international guests

engaging activities for increased business opportunities


Based in Vetschau, Germany (abotu an hour away from Berlin) Porcelaingres are making international waves with their Italian design and German methodology.


With Europe’s most modern factory, guests were treated to a completely new factory tour experience to present the new collection.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Reseach has proven that client hosting events increase brand loyalty which is one of the most important contributing factors to increased business opportuities.

Italian Hospitality

Genius Progetti is known internationally for our exceptional Italian hospitality.  Based out of Sassuolo, Italy we give the brands we work with 100% of our attention and this translates into impecable service for their clients.

Best In Class Client Hosting

Modern graphic design, tasteful and elegant event furnishings, professional presentations and perfect client functions make best in class corporate events our specialty from conferences to meetings and factory tours.

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