fiorano modenese, ITALY


2007 marked the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Smaltochimica, the event was celebrated with an elegant dinner in the company’s Italian Headquarters.



30th Anniversary Celebration

Fiorano Modenese, Italy


Since its foundation in 1977 Smaltochimica has been a leader in the development and research of chemicals for the ceramic industry creating numerous innovative products and solutions.


Their 30th Anniversary in 2007 occured 2 years after a major acquisition in 2005 of Euromeccanica, greatly increasing their production capabilities with 80 additional manufacturing plants.


This event aimed to put the focus on their Corporate Headquarters in Fiorano Modenese in Emilia Romagna, Italy.  The site of their original plant and also an important meeting point between research, development and quality control for all of their international activities.


The event highlighted the factory in a completely new way, creating an environment similar to a luxury cultural space with the interior of the factory transformed into a dining hall complete with custom light fixtures, light displays, custom cloth banners and personalized decor elements.



Event Description

Staff, clients, executives, suppliers and prospects arrived at the factory of Smaltochimica in Fiorano Modenese, Italy in the evening.   Unlike their usual arrival for work in the early morning, this time they came to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the company and they were greated with a suggestive surrounding including a red carpet entrace, custom light fixtures and banners announcing the event.


What followed was an evening tour of the factory transformed with light displays and descriptive panels explaining the many activities and innovations that the spaces have played host to over the years.


Guests then took their seats and were treated to a commemorative video, welcome speeches and a served, sit-down dinner prepared by on-site gourmet caterers.  The evening concluded with a dessert, open bar reception and client gift.


Genius progetti’s involvement

It is a huge responsibility to create execute a pefect event that will commemorate a moment in a company’s history.  With all staff, clients and prospects involved it is imperative that the night be a success.

Genius Progetti handled all aspects of this anniversary celebration in Fiorano Modenese, Italy, including:

  • Decor:  Custom fabric light fixtures as well as custom mould injected light fixtures created for the evening.
  • Exhibition & Print Materials: All banners, flags, display boards and signage were designed and printed by Genius Progetti to create a full immersion exhibition for the facory tour.
  • Permits & Security: Security plan, security on-site pre and during event, and music author rights
  • Video Creation:  Creation of commemorative video with montage of historic moments aligned with the company’s 3 decades of business.
  • Environment Transformation: Creation of ballroom dining space complete with custom carpeting, furniture and other elements such as red carpet and full American rigging lighting system.
  • Food & Beverage: Caterer scouting, menu testing and creation,  on-site full kitchen  (including electrical hook-up, water and exceptional kitchen facility creation).  Management of all food and beverage service including wait staff, cocktail and special dietary need requests.
  • Front of House Direction & Audio/Visual Managment:  Complete set-up of sound reinforcement system and lighting control.  Our management includes multiple sound and technical checks and complete technical run-throughs including live event production managment.
  • Client Hosting:  Scounting and management of hosting staff, client gift creation and distribution and post-event taxi service managment.
  • Set-up and take down: Our competent and professional staff developed the comprehensive technical layout for this space with short build time and fast take down post-event.


Technical Images

Client’s receive full 3-D renders in order to best plan the layout, mood and event concept during the Event Planning Phase.  Our Technical Department conducts on-site evaluations of the space in order to gather all technical information for a complete and professional build.


The industrial aspect of the Fiorano Factory was enhanced to create a suggestive backdrop to a gala dinner.  Lighting, wall and ceiling coverings, custom light fixtures and custom decor elements were all created as part of the project proposal.


The client approved the concept, design, layout and all event branding elements and the actual set-up was identical to the event project presented.





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We know that your deadlines are tight so our competent and professional technical staff do their best to produce a stunning design in record time.

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