An extravagant 40th anniversary celebration for staff, clients and guests for Fiandre Architectural Surfaces  in 2007



Milestone Anniversary Celebration

Modena, Italy


The concept for the evening was to create an opportunity to reflect on the success of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces over the course of their long history.  Each of the decades of the company was celebrated in a custom video created for the event that connected important moments of sports, pop-culture and politics to the growth and evolution of the company.

Genius Progetti created multiple use decor for the event, such as a gigantic outdoor sculpture which was lit from within in the brand’s colors throughout the welcome cocktail, and subsequently used as a projection surface for the celebration.

Under the stone porticos surrounding the Villa a multi-media exhibition of their products and product evolution throughout the years was created by Genius with curatorial assistance of Fiandre.

Event Description

A privatised historic Villa in the countryside surrounding Modena, Italy played host to this milestone celebration of Graniti Fiandre. 500 clients, staff and prospects were invited to an elegant evening with an outdoor aperitivo surrounded by 100 metre-long ancient walls, where projectors were synchronized and positioned along the entire lenth of the 100m surface for a unified projection for videos throughout the evening.


Guests were treated to an excellent gourmet seated dinner inside the majestic ballrooms of the villa, with plenty of entertainment including a commemorative exhibition, custom videos overviewing the company’s past,  dual surface decor and an impressive music and firework show as the evening finale.



Genius progetti’s involvement

It is a huge responsibility to create execute a pefect event that will commemorate a moment in a company’s history.  With all staff, clients and prospects involved it is imperative that the night be a success, and this celebration was truely that.

Genius Progetti handled all aspects of this anniversary celebration in Modena, Italy, including:

  •  Location:  Scouting, rental agreement, technical assessment, technical layout and 3-D renders
  • Permits & Security: Building permits, security plan, security on-site pre and during event, author rights, parking permits and public land permits
  • Video Creation:  Creation of commemorative video with montage of historic moments aligned with the comapny’s 4 decades of business.
  • Product Exhibition: Curation and Installation of outdoor product exhibition with panels and multi-media elements.
  • Concept & Entertainment: Show concept design, firework and music show creation and execution, creation of memorial videos,, live stream speeches and cake ceremony.
  • Food & Beverage: Caterer scouting, menu testing and creation,  on-site full kitchen  (including electrical hook-up, water and exceptional kitchen facility creation).  Management of all food and beverage service including wait staff, cocktail and special dietary need requests.
  • Front of House Direction & Audio/Visual Managment:  Complete set-up of sound reinforcement system and lighting control.  Our management includes multiple sound and technical checks and complete technical run-throughs including live event production managment.
  • Client Hosting:  Scounting and management of hosting staff, client gift creation and distribution and post-event taxi service managment.
  • Set-up and take down: Our competent and professional staff developed the comprehensive technical layout for this space with short build time and fast take down post-event.


Technical IMAGES

Client’s receive full 3-D renders in order to best plan the layout, mood and event concept during the Event Planning Phase.  Our Technical Department conducts on-site evaluations of the space in order to gather all technical information for a complete and professional build.

Event Layout Plan


Event Design Render


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