A two day private car launch event held directly in The Tuileries Garden, located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.



New Product Launch


Paris, France



The idea was to re-create the atmosphere of an exclusive club setting that was replicable in each major city, this club atmosphere was envisioned as a “Great Gatsby” environment with a mood that conveyed the 1920’s in a modern and current vibe.

At the “THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB” guests were transported to what could be New York in the 1920s of another dimension, with soft diffuse lighting, an elegant but serious surrounding filled with prestigious elements in privileged locations. Discover the full concept here.


Genius Progetti created a 1,000 square metre “Black Box” Production Studio in each destination to replicate the same experience in each city.  Read about the full Launch Concept to discovere how it played out in each of the five cities:


A two day private car launch event held directly in The Tuileries Garden, located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.




Genius Progetti build a custom 1,000+ square metre temporary marquee structure as the production facility for the event.


All location scouting and build management including build certificates, electricity requirements, set up and take down were solely managed by Genius Progetti. The Paris private launch was a spectacle in an of itself, with guests arriving at the Tuileries Garden after it had closed to the public along a suggestive red-lit path through the ancient trees.


Inside the temporary structure guests were welcomed into “The Exclusive Club” atmosphere where they lived out a moment with each detail curated as though they were members of a film. Genius Progetti organized an interactive custom short film for the evening, live entertainment and impressive car reveals, discover the complete concept here.

Genius progetti’s involvement

The entire conception, production, build and management of each of the 7 events in 5 cities was entrusted to Genius Progetti.

Event Management Competencies:

  •  Location:  Scouting, rental agreement, technical assessment, technical layout and 3-D renders
  • Permits & Security: Building permits, security plan, security on-site pre and during event, author rights, parking permits and public land permits
  • Concept & Entertainment: Launch concept “The Exclusive Club”
  • Video Creation:  Creation of choreographic piece, transposed into an animated video using motion capture technology.
  • Production and Event Run Down: Curation of event run down including video, interior design, menu and product demonstrations
  • Food & Beverage: Caterer scouting, menu testing and creation,  on-site full kitchen  (including electrical hook-up, water and exceptional kitchen facility creation).  Management of all food and beverage service including wait staff, cocktail and special dietary need requests.
  • Print Graphics:  Development of event logo and subsequent printed marketing and signage materials.
  • Front of House Direction & Audio/Visual Managment:  Complete set-up of sound reinforcement system and lighting control.  Our management includes multiple sound and technical checks and complete technical run-throughs including live event production managment.
  • Client Hosting:  Scounting and management of hosting staff, client gift creation and distribution and post-event taxi service managment.
  • Set-up and take down: Our competent and professional staff developed the comprehensive technical layout for this space with a 5 day build time and fast take down post-event. (less than 24 hours take down)

Special Production Characteristics

  • LAUNCH CONCEPT: Genius Progetti created and fully developed the concept for this multi European capital private preview, discover  “The Exclusive Club” concept here.
  • LOCATION REQUIREMENTS:  It was imperative that each highly exclusive location was able to house the 1,000 square metre “black box” production space, which was created over the course of a 5 day set-up.
  • FURNISHINGS AND DÉCOR: Custom built furnishing were conceptualized and created for this event and mixed with curated designer items. Bold wall to wall carpeting, brushed gold laminate bars and custom made Italian leather couches were created to produce a unique environment, discover the full interior design strategy here.
  • ITALIAN GOURMET BUFFET AND CATERING: Best in Class Italian caterers were chosen along with an exceptional ‘flying buffet’ menu   featuring customised mixed-drinks, extensive welcome cocktail, main course and dessert buffets. Full menu details available.
  • CUSTOM CAR REVEAL SHOW Unlike a traditional car reveal Genius Progetti produced a 6 minute custom animation using motion-capture technology of a choreographed piece created and inspired by the characteristics of the new car model.  9 Massive black screens were synchronized with a drammatic light show and soundscape to create a unified projection across 252 square metres of projection space using 18 high definition projectors hung on a full American rigging system.Two cars were revealed after the video screening using interactive production elements.  The first was revealed by opening a motorized wall from under the DJ booth and the second was revealed by hoisting one of the service bars to the ceiling to reveal the car hidden underneath.

Advanced Technical Set-Up

  • Animated choreographed motion capture video created with 3D graphic capture
  • 18 full HD laser projectors
  • 9 custom made black screens, each 7 metres long by 4 metres high for a total of 252 square metres of projectable space
  • Full American Truss with complex rigging and multi-layer lighting system
  • Technical Backstage and Tech Riser Areas for complete production management .

Extensive Staff

  • Dedicated Creative and Management Staff: Over-all Art Director, Video Art Director, Interior decorator, Architect, Floral Designer, Light Designer, Video Director, Choreographer, Creative Project Manager, Live dancers, Costume Designer, Hair & Make-Up Artist, Animation Artists
  • Technical Staff: Live Show Producer, Designated Interior decorator, Architect, Floral Designer, Light Designer, A1 Audio Engineer, Audio Technicians, Graphics Operator, Video Director, Chroeographer, Dancers, Costume Designer, Hair and Make-up Designer, Over-all Art Director, Stage Manager, Creative Project Manager
  • Construction Staff, Riggers, Build Staff, Cleaning Staff, Security, Hosting Staff, Caterers, Parking Attendants etc.

Technical IMAGES

Client’s receive full 3-D renders in order to best plan the layout, mood and event concept during the Event Planning Phase.  Our Technical Department conducts on-site evaluations of the space in order to gather all technical information for a complete and professional build.


For the Paris event a 1,000+ marquee was deesigned and built with a “box in box” production space.  Along with it was the secondary kitchen marquee and a luxury temporary washrooms.

Within the marquee a full American truss was build for riggin as well as the structures for the dynamic car reveals.


Due to the nature of the complex ‘black box’ production set-up, extensive technical checks and drawings were developed to ensure that the set build, car delivery and display and electrical requirements were adequate for each chosen location.



All furniture including couches, tables, bars and other elements of the decor were custom designed and created for the event.


We are an international agency and have accumulated 25 years of exhibition stand experience.

We study your project brief in full to ensure that we deliver your design and functional objectives to give you maximum ROI on your exhibition investment.

Our staff is also available to assist you in developing the concept of your project by guiding you through the brief process to ensure that your stand represents your brand and the message you want to convey.


We know that your deadlines are tight so our competent and professional technical staff do their best to produce a stunning design in record time.

The concept is transformed into a comprehensive project with high quality renders, 3-D imaging and a full technical layout for your to review.

Genius Progetti excels at conveying the spirit of your brand and concept into dynamic, original and impressive exhibition stands that convey the essence of your brand.


Genius Progetti has its roots in the development of exhibition stands with over two and a half decades serving some of the most prominent companies in the ceramics, medical, automotive and cosmetic industries.

Our build and construction staff can create your event set up with precision and perfection in any situation .

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